About This Blog

Welcome to my new blog!  Over the next few days, months and years I hope to blog on a wide range of eclectic subjects of interest to a broad Christian audience.  There will be reflections, musings, comments on contemporary news stories…….there may even be snippets from some of my sermons along the way!

My aim is to create a space where the ideas running through my mind can be aired, discussed and modified in the light of wise counsel and constructive criticism.  As that wonderful and insightful Christian Mystic, Meister Eckhart, once wrote:

Human beings ought to communicate

and share

all the gifts they have received from God.

If a person has something that

he or she does not share with others,

that person is not good.

A person who does not bestow on others

spiritual things

and the joy that is in them

has in fact never been spiritual.

People are not to receive

and keep gifts for themselves alone,

but should share themselves

and pour forth everything they possess whether in their bodies

or their souls

as much as possible.

And so in the spirit of Eckhart, I welcome you to this blog!

  1. Rodney O. Dunlop says:

    Hi Scott…long time since we connected. I am planning to visit Ireland sometime next year either July or August, holidaying with my Twin sister. We have never been to Ireland before. I wondered whether it might be possible to meet you briefly just to connect again and to learn what you have been and are up to, although reading some of the material on line, gives me an insight as to your
    activities. Can you give me an email address so i can communicate with you.
    Interestingly I emailed the Presbyterian Church of Ireland and was told they have never had a person by your name on their books !!!!! :Look forward top hearing from you.
    Rodney O. Dunlop (Ex Picton !!!)


    • Hi Rodney – fantastic to hear from you! We’ve been thinking of you lately and bemoaning the fact that we’d lost touch! Such a welcome surprise to hear from you.

      It’d be great to see you in Northern Ireland next year. Drop me an e-mail at scottpeddie@sky.com and we can catch up and make plans!

      Oh, and I’m a minister in one of the smaller Presbyterian denominations………..there are quite a few in Ireland!

      Take care and God bless,


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